Specialists in Eco Tents and Glamping

Our luxury safari tents are manufactured and designed to blend into any environment, such as dunes or bush, for minimal impact, and to convey a simple and natural look from the outside.

Previously known as Tents West, Safari Tents Australia makes tents built to withstand constant strong winds, while also designed to be as cool and comfortable as possible in a tropical climate. In the event of a cyclone each structure can be dismantled in 30 minutes.

The three layered construction also protects the tent from rain and enables internal heating devices to work efficiently to provide snug shelter in colder southern climates. 

Tents made by Safari Tents Australia have many unique features such as the use of a three layered system:

  • The tent shell is made of synthetic canvas, which is suspended inside the frame.
  • A waterproof fly made of PVC is fixed to the outside of the framing. This can be changed to suit climatic events such as tropical downpours, or semi desert conditions.
  • The third layer is a shade fly made from 95% shade cloth suspended on a secondary frame. The shape of the shade can be designed to meet your requirements.

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