Sound Stages

Our sound stages are robustly built like all our products, customised to your requirements.

Better yet, our soundstages are built expand out directly off their custom trailer allowing you to locate the stages to where they are needed and not ferry components around.

Designed for easy and quick setup and packdown, our sound stages minimise setup time and deliver you flexibility  while delivering a robust product with the functionality and access features you need to ensure a fantastic event.

Couple these features with years of service and ease of maintenance ensures a fantastic return on investment and worry-free ownership.


Portable Stage Builds

Yes these sound stages are totally portable! folding into a trailer that is custom built for your sound stage. we will work with you to deliver a portable product that is robust, very usable and has the features you need – all packaged into a road registered trailer!

got a project in mind? contact us today to discuss your needs so we can deliver a solution that works for you for years to come.

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