Eco Tents

Safari Tents Australia makes tents built to withstand the elements, deliver long life, deliver minimal impact to the surrounding environment while being as cool and comfortable as possible. 

Quite often these tents are set up in sensitive areas, such as World Heritage sites. this means that it is vital that the tents blend into their surroundings and have minimal impact on the local environment. not only that, but the design allows the tents to transported via heli lift into a site if required. 

In the event of a cyclone each structure can be dismantled in 30 minutes.

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Unique Features

Our tents have many unique features such as the use of a three-layered system:

  • The tent shell is made of synthetic canvas, which is suspended inside the frame.
  • A waterproof fly made of PVC is fixed to the outside of the framing. This can be changed to suit climatic events such as tropical downpours, or semi desert conditions.
  • The third layer is a shade fly made from 95% shade cloth suspended on a secondary frame. The shape of the shade can be designed to meet your requirements.

 Advanced Materials

The fabrics we use have been specifically chosen to suit the, often harsh, environment in which the finished product will end up. We take into consideration: UV ratings, wind gust ratings, water and dirt repelling abilities and the warrantied longevity of the materials. We can also provide fire retardant options if required. 

Double Air Flow System

Safari Tents Australia’s unique system has 200mm spacing between each layer allowing a double air flow, with efficient circulation and roof ventilation to ensure the interior remains at a comfortable temperature even in our harsh climate. The outer layer can extend to 2m beyond the tent, fully shading both the tent and the ground immediately surrounding it. This creates a profile for the wind to flow over.

Wide Range of Colours to Suit your Location

A wide range of colours can be used for your Safari Tent. The final shade layer can be made shaped to blend into the environment. This is very important as some of these tents are erected in world heritage areas, where any installations need to have minimum physical and visual impact, and have to be approved by EPA, World Heritage Commission and traditional owners.

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