Circus Tents

Like all our products, our circus tents are designed for ease of use, with built in rigging and a central frame.

The design and construction make them robust with the cover welded into one piece so there are no joins to leak or reduce strength. Not only that, but they can also be trailerised as well if required for optimum mobility.

The modular design renders then customisable and easily scalable from 30 to 1000 sq metres in area.

Customised Builds

When it comes to circus tents, no 2 applications are exactly the same regarding environment, operational requirements, and size. so why compromise? Our custom-built solutions are robust, with the fabric coming with a 10 year guarantee.

so you get years of stress free operation, with easy maintenance and streamlined installation developed to meet your needs delivering you a fantastic return on your investment over the life of the product.

Contact us now so we can discuss your needs and let us deliver your vision into a robust reality.

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