About Us

Safari Tents Australia grew from the family business of Tents West, which has been operating from Busselton since 1990.

During its years of operation, Tents West has employed every member of the family to some extent, and been a successful applicant in the South West W.A. Small Business Awards: Runner Up - Customer Culture Award 2004, Runner Up - IT Award, 2005, and Winner - Family Business Award, 2006.

After developing a wide range of tents and marquees for hire, Peter identified the need for a solid, but easily demountable tent for installation in environmentally sensitive areas, such as Ningaloo National Park. The tents had to meet a number of criteria such as: blending into the environment, the ability of being installed with minimum impact on the surroundings (all the materials for the top tents at Red Bluff had to be carried in by hand, with the largest wheeled vehicle permitted being a wheelbarrow for the generator) and above all, provide a unique, comfortable camping experience for the visitor.

Now that Safari Tents Australia has separated from the hire aspect of Tents West, Peter is free to further develop his Safari Tent product to suit the wide range of environments for which the product is being sought. The Safari Tents installed recently at the Galapagos have opened the way for Safari Tents Australia to spread internationally. Requests for information come from countries as diverse as Ecuador and France, and in Australia from the tropics to the southern Victoria highlands Safari Tents Australia can build a tent to suit any of these extremes.